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I'm lonely... [Wed, 6 Feb 2002 | 8:33 PM]
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Moe writes: Hi there. My name is Moe and I help out around the well (when the girls let me). I've been a big fan of theirs for a really long time. Before the wWw came into my life, I spent most of my time being alone. Now I have three of the best friends ever! (Four if you include the John-Paul guy, but I don't think he likes me very much.) Thanks for visiting my page. It's always nice to have company. (Comments?)

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Portrait of Moe"I'm lonely..."

Some see Moe as merely a homeless rogue who loves hanging around the wenches. This may be true, but the wenches seem to love him anyway. Moe is a loner (though not by choice). In fact, he suffers from chronic loneliness and when someone (namely the lovely Washer Well Wenches) finally paid him some attention he latched on like a cute psychotic puppy dog.

The Wenches, of course, know how to handle men who can't seem to get enough of their talents. Being the shrewd shrews that they are, they immediately put Moe to work at the well. You can often find him hanging around (some might call it stalking) waiting on an odd job to be assigned to him and with these wenches, the jobs can be quite odd indeed.

In good, clean fun (at least one thing is clean at the well), the wenches have sent Moe on many challenging quests through the kingdom. He's been asked to find coconuts, shrubberies, and even a Holy Grail. Eventually Moe admits failure (something that he has grown used to admitting) and returns back to the well empty handed. Fortunately there is always something that needs to be carried and Moe finds his empty hands full of laundry or other items.

Perhaps we may never know Moe.

Perhaps Moe knows but isn't telling.

That seems more likely.

In any case, the wenches know Moe and the well just wouldn't be the same without him, and Moe knows it. Now you know Moe. Sort of.

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Moe is also a member of ... well, nothing. Really.

If you'd like to, please introduce yourself to Moe by sending Moe an e-mail!

(In sooth, you'll have to ask Mistress Sheila for the story behind Moe...)

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