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When not out hawking roses, John-Paul makes it his duty to film as much of the wenches as they will allow (usually with their consent and knowledge). Although they have so far refused to let him capture any truly intimate footage (with their knowledge), he does have a collection of video clips that might be fun to watch. Or not. *

To play these clips you will need Apple's free QuickTime Player. If your computer does not already have it installed, you can download it at www.quicktime.com. We also have versions of these clips available in streaming RealMedia format which will be made available if requested.

2001 Season Highlights—John-Paul taped every single (and a few married) performances in 2001 and then made the girls watch them. Several times. This video is the abridged version of their 2001 season including scenes from the infamous hotel room rehearsals that have never been shown in public.

» QuickTime format: Coming Shortly!

The Washer Well Wenches—During a rehearsal during March 2001, the wenches wandered past a Laundromat and decided to stop by and ad-lib this segment. It was originally designed to be the introduction on a promotional video/DVD which would be sent out to festivals.

» QuickTime format: small (3.55MB), big (6.83MB)

Wenches are Coming—The short version of the introduction segment. (For an even shorter version, see the end of the blooper video.)

» QuickTime format: small (520K), big (950K)

Meet the Wenches—Behind the Faire presents... The Washer Well Wenches. This is the unplanned interview video that started it all. It was taped during March 2001 and edited together on an Apple laptop the same evening. It gives a quick look at the real personalities behind the wenches. (Be sure to check out the bloopers.)

» QuickTime format: small (1.95MB), big (3.82MB)

Wench Bloopers—John-Paul may cross alot of lines with his flirting, but the wenches forget theirs! This short clip is a montage of clips from the "Meet the Wenches" interview video. Of note: several of the girls have a brief lapse in reality and truly think they are their characters. Fascinating.

» QuickTime format: small (2.16M ), big (4.56MB)

Too Hot for TV— Unused footage and a few shots of the Loch Ness Monster. Or maybe it was an inflatable raft? In reality, here are a few more scenes that would have been used in the "Washer Well Wenches" introduction video if the background music had been longer.

» QuickTime format: small (951K), big (1.70MB)

* Fun in this context is defined as the sensation you get when watching the Washer Well Wenches.

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