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About the Act

"It's kind of raunchy..."—Two Old Ladies
My Waterloo Days Renaissance Faire 2002

The Washer Well Wenches are a (mostly) female comedy stage act centered around the village washing well. At this central gathering places in town, the wenches get to hear about everything that is going on. Occasionally the rogue John-Paul (who is not a wench) will show up to check on the girls, but usually they are getting into trouble just fine without his help.

Disclaimer: While certainly not dirty, some of the jokes can be suggestive so the act should be considered PG rated. Remember: if your kids get the jokes, it's not our fault! Blame it on cable television... Or maybe Barney.

The shows are "loosely scripted". (Hey, they are written by wenches so what do you expect?). No two performances will be identical and, unlike many touring acts, new stories are added each year to keep things fresh for returning fans. Between performances the group can be found roaming and doing improvisational skits, wench tricks, and posing for photos. Except for John-Paul. He's not very good at wench tricks.

Since the shows repeatedly draw crowds larger than their stage areas can handle, try to arrive early and get a spot up front. Especially if you want to sit near Sheila.

Here is a list of some of the situations the girls have gotten themselves into...or plan to get themselves into:

Male Order (or "G Marks the Spot")—(New for 2002.) Jealous of the steady men in the other wenches lives, Mistress Sheila determines that she will find a man for her who will be around longer than just one night... Even if she has to pay for him.

The Ring—(New for 2002.) John-Paul gives Willa a ring for their anniversary, but when Sheila tries it on it gets stuck on her finger. Can they keep JP from finding out?

Up In Arms—(New for 2002.) By a strange coincidence, each wench has had an accident leaving one arm in a sling. Can the shorthanded washing trio actually learn to cooperate and get their job done?

Wenches Sell Out (or "How to get a Wench in Advertising")—(New for 2002.) Business is slow at the well so the wenches come up with creative ways to bring in new customers.

My Faire Lady—(2001 season, retired.) Can a wench pass for royalty? The wenches find an invitation to a royal party and decide to disguise Mistress Sheila as nobility in hopes of getting her married off.

The Letter—(2001 season, retired.) A love letter is found at the well, but who is it for? Sheila and Keirra compete for the affection of their secret admirer.

Who's Wash Line Is It, Anyway?—Adlib and improv, wench style.

Wench Auctions—Typically reserved for special occasions, the wenches host a mock auction with the high bidders winning a wench to sit by their side during the joust (or other major festival event).

Where To See Us

To find out where you can see us in 2002 please see our Tour Schedule.

We have publicly performed at renaissance festivals in the Midwest including: Wybreg Village Renaissance Festival (Bonaparte, IA), Salisbury Faire (Des Moines, IA), Iowa Renaissance Festival & Harvest Faire (Amana Colonies, IA), Renaissance Faire of the Midlands (Council Bluffs, IA), Geneseo Shakespearean Festival (Geneseo, IL), My Waterloo Days Renaissance Faire (Waterloo, IA), Greater St. Louis Renaissance Faire (Wentzville, MO), Siouxland Renaissance Festival (Sioux Falls, SD) and A Renaissance Affaire (Osceola, IA). We have also appeared at a corporate events organized by Festivals International.

Members of the troupe have made appearances (sometimes by buying a ticket) at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival (Bonner Springs, KS), Jubilee Olde English Faire (Brimfield, IL), Hamlet of Slater (Slater, MO), and the Southern Illinois Renaissance Festival (Edwardsville, IL).

"Being the center of attention since 1502."
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