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How to Hire Us

The Washer Well Wenches are available to perform at your festival or event. For corporate bookings we often work with Festivals International. They can arrange complete themed entertainment including jugglers, musicians, gypsy dancers and, of course, wenches. For smaller productions, feel free to contact us directly.

Renaissance festivals and other public events may contact us by mail:

Washer Well Wenches
c/o Allen Huffman
P.O. Box 22031
Des Moines, IA 50325-9401

Or by e-mail:


Why Hire Us

Because everybody loves wenches! (Except, perhaps, jealous wives and girlfriends...)

Besides, we will give you your money's worth (much more than an act that only steps on stage to perform and then disappears until their next show).

We usually perform up to three different shows per day, each running 15-25 minutes in length. Unlike many groups you could hire, between shows we are happy to act as streetmosphere performers. We will mingle with the patrons or guests and do improvisational skits and help make your event a memorable one.

Please Hire Us

And, lastly, if our statements on this page haven't convinced you, we can certainly resort to begging for your business.

Please don't make us beg. It's not pretty.

"Being the center of attention since 1502."
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