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Portrait Gallery

Welcome to our online photo album! Choose a section below to see photos from our previous events. Photos from future events will be coming soon. *

Promotional Photos—This gallery contains some of the photos we have posed for to include in press packets, festival applications and this website.

Wench Press!—One of our most popular wench tricks is the wench press. Here is a selection of presses we have done at various festivals.

Members: Keirra, Sheila, Willa, and John-Paul—Consider this the "best of" gallery for us.

Wybreg Village Renaissance Festival 2000 (Fall)—This is technically where it all began. John-Paul and Willa had helped out with the two weekend Spring Wybreg Village and had so much fun they decided to get more involved with the three weekend Fall event. The event organizer, John Mills, was casting the event as if it were a stage production and one of the things he needed was, of course, wenches. Willa had already gotten a part but we needed two more. Earlier in the year we had met Sheila (at Hamlet of Slater ) and Keirra (at the Iowa Renaissance Festival). After three chilly and wet weekends (and a mention in a Burlington, Iowa newspaper) the troupe was formed.

Salisbury Faire 2001—This event marked alot of firsts for the Washer Well Wenches: It was the first time we used our new washline prop (which had to be redesigned immediately after this festival). It was the first time we performed "The Letter" and "My Faire Lady". And it was the first time we'd had to lug all our stuff around rather than keep it in one spot. The weather was nice, and there was plenty of shade, thank goodness, else lugging all that crap back and forth would have made for some very irate wenches. (For proof of this, see our comments about the Renaissance Faire of the "hotter than hell" Midlands...)

Faire of the Midlands 2001—This event is held on a college campus in Council Bluffs, Iowa (just outside of Omaha). The location isn't the prettiest and the June heat is nearly unbearable, but but the entertainment is always top rate. Although they spelled our group name wrong on the stage signs three out of six times and put as in the children's area for one show (???), we still have submitted an application to return in 2002.

My Waterloo Days Renaissance Faire 2001—The current organizer of this one day free admission event, Doc, enabled the wenches to perform in front of some very strong crowds. Tipping was fantastic and we got to hang out with out friends from Shattock.

Iowa Renaissance Festival & Harvest Faire 2001—This three day Labor Day Weekend event was alot of fun. The new location in the Amana Colonies is beautiful and there is plenty of shade. We got to perform on the main covered stage all three days—thank goodness for that! All the other events had us dragging out stage props back and forth all day.

Geneseo Shakespearean Festival 2001—This wonderful event, just across the Iowa/Illinois border, was in an amazing setting. We got to stay in some fantastic cabins at a nearby campground and just had a blast being around Shattock again.

Wybreg Village Beer Garden 2001—The full three weekend Wybreg festival was postponed so the Renaissance Foundation held a free mini-event in the small town of Bonaparte. It coincided with the huge Forest Crafts Festival that happens in the county every year and thousands of people came. Unfortunately it rained and was cold and miserable. We only performed one show.

* Of course, by that time they will be past events so I don't know why I bothered mentioning it. Please disregard that statement. And this one. Thank you.

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