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Meet the Wenches

The Washer Well Wenches are:

Keirra Mayholme—Perhaps not the brightest of the wenches (understatement of the year, anyone?), Keirra is the only wench who is married. With children. Many children. She has proven that she at least knows how to do at least one thing right.

Mistress Sheila—The biggest flirt in the town. She can drink with the best (and worst) of them and when she's not chasing the men around town she can be found doing a remarkable facsimile of "work" at the well.

Mistress Willa—A fiery red head and the owner of the laundry business which she inherited from her father. She is known for being the logical (yet hopelessly romantic) one of the group.

And, of course, the only member that refuses to show any cleavage:

John-Paul George II ("Ringo")—The target of Willa's affection, John-Paul is the roaming rose rogue of the village. He often stops by to check on the wenches and get himself into trouble. (That's okay. He always gets what he deserves.)

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