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Keirra Mayholme's Vital Stats

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Here are the answers Keirra provided in her interview in the Washer Women issue of Playwench.

Nekkid Keirra

Name: Keirra Mayholme.
Title: Mommy/wife/wench (all are pronounced with the same demanding).
Bodice size: They are for food, not looks! Pervert.
Height: Short.
Hair colour: Dark.
Eye colour: Like you're looking at my eyes anyway. Don't know, can't see them.
Birthplace: Don't know, can't remember. I was raised in England/Scottish border.
Hobbies: Count my children and figure it out. That's right—diaper changing!
Turn-ons: Ask the father of my children.
Turn-offs: Work.
Things you like to do when not at the well: Sleep.
Favourite drink: Berry wine.
Favourite food: Anything I don't have to skin and cook.
Favourite colour: BERRY. Are you blind?
Favourite flower: Purple rose.
Favourite song: Wild Rover.
Favourite sport: Chase the baby, Scottish mud wrestling followed by jousting.
How'd you get to be at the well?: I go down the path and turn left. OR, washing clothes is the only talent I have. With seven mouths to feed, it's my only chance for extra cash.

"If it's dirty, I clean it. If it's hungry, I feed it. If it's a secret, for a fee I might keep it."

"Don't put that in your mouth. You don't know where it's been!"

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