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John-Paul's Vital Stats

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We don't know why he has a Playwench profile about himself. And we don't want to know.

Name: John-Paul George (the second), but you may call me Ringo.
Title: Rose Rogue or Bud Stud.
Bodice size: No bodice. No kilt or tights either. Well, okay. One pair of tights, but I only wear them on special occasions. Or when my pants are dirty.
Height: 5'10"-ish.
Hair colour: Dark brown.
Eye colour: Dark brown.
Birthplace: The village of Wybreg. I think. I was pretty young at the time so I don't remember too much about the whole birthing process.
Hobbies: Flirting, waiting for girls to turn 18, chasing wenches.
Turn-ons: Girls who are 18, wenches, exposed shoulders and, most of all, wenches who are 18 with exposed shoulders.
Turn-offs: Girls who are under 18 (my lawyer had me put that there). Covered shoulders. Overprotective rogues. People who call me "rose boy".
Things you like to do when not at the well: Flirt, wait for girls to turn 18, chase wenches.
Favourite drink: Mead. It does a body good. And if you give enough of it to a wench who is 18, she is more likely to show you her shoulders.
Favourite food: Turkey legs. Now if only there were any turkeys in England...
Favourite colour: Green.
Favourite flower: Roses, of course!
Favourite song: Standing in Line by John-Paul. I wrote that one, you know.
Favourite sport: Rose tag. Wench tag. Girls over 18 tag.
How'd you get to be at the well?: I was chasing a young wench one day, expecting that if I chased her long enough she would eventually turn 18...
Quote: "I'm as harmless as you want me to be..."

See Also: Keirra, Sheila, Willa, John-Paul, or Moe.

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