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Journal Entries from September 2002:
Geneseo: The Return [Mon, 30 Sep 2002 | 11:49 PM]
JohnPaul icon

11:49 PM - Geneseo: The Return - Ah, yes. For 2002 my "most fun" events have to be Siouxland Ren Fest, Upper Great Lakes Ren Faire, and Geneseo Shakespearean Festival. Why? Because the Siouxland people loved us and the crowds there were huge! Plus there was a water park next door and we had a blast there after hours. For Upper Great Lakes, we got to just hang out and play (minus Keirra) and get on the television news. It was just a relaxed fun time with no performance schedule to worry about. Lastly, Geneseo was ... well, a blast. We were on the TV news. Instead of a water park we had bowling. I got mentioned by name in the newspaper handouts. Geneseo Jennifer (GenJenn) brought me Pear Cider and was waiting for us to check in at the cabins on Thursday night. It was just a grand time.

We have one more event left for the season: The Nishna River Ren Faire on October 19th and 20th in Hancock, Iowa. It's going to be the second smallest event we've done, ever, but if crowds show up it might climb up a few more steps.

At any rate, this is our final Huzzah of the season. It was in the 80s here in Des Moines today, so perhaps in three more weeks we'll still have somewhat warm temperatures 90 miles away in Hancock.

If not, at least my green outfit won't be too hot to wear.

Come see us. -- JohnPaul

Website icon

6:59 PM - Three years is NOT poultry! - I thought that since we talk about it in one out of three of our shows that I would point out that today is the actual third anniversary of my being with JP.

And my mom has never pointed a feather at his toe. And he's never really forgotten the date.

And he BETTER never give me a rooster.

I love you, babydoll! -- Willa

Willa icon

6:57 PM - Geneseo Jamboree - Okay, so it wasn't really a jamboree, but it started with the same sound as Geneseo and I'm a fan of alliteration.

Geneseo was FANTASTIC! What a wonderful way to spend a weekend! JP and I were on the earlyearlyearlyearly morning news on Friday morning with GenJen, managing to look jovial and faire-ish at 5:30 in the pre-dawn hours. And we had an absolute blast at the festival itself. Then we had (in my opinion) THE most fun at an after hours event EVER. Happy Joe's and the bowling alley! What more could you want? We took over the Bee Game and bowled in black light! Woo!

Special thanks to Amos's Sweetcorn (soon to be renamed something utterly ridiculous and truly memorable) for taking such good care of us. I'll think of you all everytime I munch on a thigh or breast.

What??? They gave us tons of cornish game hens at the end of the day on Sunday! Sheesh, people. Let's climb out of that gutter, shall we?

See you all at Nishna!

Oh, and let me just add in a very quick note to mention that today really is the third anniversary of JP and I being together. And I wanted to tell him that I love him a lot and I look forward to many more anniversaries to come.

Remember. Three years is NOT poultry. -- Willa

Yes,thats the green glow?, of motherhood. [Wed, 18 Sep 2002 | 10:56 AM]
Keirra icon

10:56 AM - Yes,thats the green glow?, of motherhood. - IRF was once again a great time. Lots of new faces and lots of returned friendly faces. After the summer break it was really fun to see everyone again. I spent most of my time sitting and watching so if I missed anyone I am sorry. 3 months down 6 to go. I was very excited to see so many of the Waterloo rennies at IRF, they really make a faire fun. I have to thank the blue slushy people for my new addition.

Is it time for Geneseo, IL already? Yes it is. TURTLE CAMPING, hay it beats doing laundry. Dragoon barbecue too, yummy. Rumor has it this year the faire is 2 whole days. Is it legal to let the wenches run around IL for 2 days? Not to sure but at least it will be fun. Someone warn the food venders I'm eating for 2.

This tidbit of info just dropped off at the well. Waterloo Playhouse is doing "Robin Hood" this weekend 2 shows Friday the 20 at 7am, and 2pm, and on the 21,a 4pm showing. Many of the Waterloo Rennies will be there some in the show. See even us Wenches like a little good clean entertainment, that doesn't include Scotsmen and public bathing. -- Keirra

IRF and more [Mon, 16 Sep 2002 | 7:51 PM]
Willa icon

7:51 PM - IRF and more - Well, the season is starting to wind down. Just two more festivals to go this year, and they're going to be a lot of fun! We'll be at the Geneseo Shakespearean Festival in Geneseo, IL, and the Nishna River Ren Faire in Hancock, IA.

I can hardly wait! It's finally going to be cool enough outside that we'll want to snuggle with everyone! -- Willa

Website icon

4:22 AM - A few updates... - Ahem. After months of prodding by the wenches, I have finally made a few updates to the site. First, each of the girls now has an updated profile photo. These photos were taken at our photo shoot during March of 2002 as opposed to the previous ones which were taken before the 2001 season. Further, I have obtained written permission from Playwench magazine to scan in some photos used in the issue which featured Keirra, Sheila and Willa. You will find these images on their Vital Stats pages. And, lastly, due to popular demand, I have finally added those much sought after Artistic Nude Portraits that everyone has been asking about. It's time to explore the site again, guys! Enjoy! -- JohnPaul

Off to Illinois [Wed, 11 Sep 2002 | 1:06 AM]
Sheila icon

1:06 AM - Off to Illinois - this is the longest trip for me but it is very worth it!! I had so much fun there last year!! This year we're rooming next to Orkes & Trolls how could we not have a good time? Hope to see you there. -- Sheila

Next stop: Illinois [Sun, 8 Sep 2002 | 8:13 PM]
Appearances icon

8:13 PM - Next stop: Illinois - The Washer Well Wenches will be returning for their second year to the Geneseo Shakespearean Festival in Geneseo, Illinois during the last weekend this month (September 28-29). This is a special year for the event since it will be a full weekend. Past years have only been on Saturday. Please come out, if you can, and show your support of their decision to expand into a full weekend. The (former?) major festival index site on the 'net won't even list one day events so hopefully this move will be good for future ShakesFests... IF we all show up and spend money! (Last year was right after 9-11 so things took a noticeable dip, but we had a fantastic time!) -- JohnPaul

Iowa Ren Fest thoughts... [Sat, 7 Sep 2002 | 3:19 AM]
JohnPaul icon

3:19 AM - Iowa Ren Fest thoughts... - The 11th annual Iowa Renaissance Festival and Harvest Faire has come and gone. It is a special event since at this location two years ago we first met up with Keirra. Ah, memories...

This three day weekend event was fun, but it seemed like things were pretty off, at least from my part of the stage. I would like to blame this on the fact that we've just gotten off of a two month break from performing. Now, just as we are getting warmed back up again, we take another few weekends off before finally heading out to the Geneseo Shakespearean Festival in Illinois. http://shakesfest.com for those curious.

For those who can make it, please come out and help support the event. This is their first year as a two day festival, and they don't have much more of a budget to work with (much like Waterloo faced earlier this year). They even had to cancel their Shakespear plays that they normally have on Friday and Saturday nights. To give a little of the Bard back, they have a Tennessee based troupe that will be doing something along those lines. We'll see how that turns out.

Anyway, that's my update. Good day. -- JohnPaul

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