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Journal Entries from August 2002:
Our Iowa Ren Fest schedule... [Thu, 29 Aug 2002 | 11:43 PM]
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11:43 PM - Our Iowa Ren Fest schedule... - See us this Labor Day Weekend (yes, all three days) at the Minstrel Stage at the Iowa Renaissance Festival. Our shows will be at 11:45, 1:45 and 3:15 each day. -- JohnPaul

Wenches at IRF this weekend! [Wed, 28 Aug 2002 | 1:22 AM]
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1:22 AM - Wenches at IRF this weekend! - Come out and see us this weekend at the Iowa Renaissance Festival and Harvest Faire! -- JohnPaul

Today is a special day! [Tue, 20 Aug 2002 | 10:26 AM]
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10:26 AM - Today is a special day! - Because today is John-Paul's birthday! Now let's all sing a rousing rendition of The Birthday Song just for him! And make it off-key! -- Willa

Iowa Renaissance Festival [Mon, 19 Aug 2002 | 5:37 PM]
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5:37 PM - Iowa Renaissance Festival - Several dozen people have brought little yellow fliers to me asking if I know about the Amana Ren faire. Its crazy I have been handed fliers almost everyday at work, when out with my friends, at 1 rodeo 6 different people brought me fliers. It's GREAT. I am really looking forward to going back to the Amana Colonies. This time maybe I will try playing a shy, hardworking,wench. HA
Can't wait to see everyone again, and hope to meet some new faces.
-- Keirra

Deeper involvment... [Sun, 11 Aug 2002 | 1:00 PM]
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1:00 PM - Deeper involvment... - Over the past few years I've been a patron, playtron, merchant and event organizer at small festivals in the Iowa area. The Washer Well Wenches has been my excuse to go to a few more festivals than I would have when I was a wandering rose merchant, and that's given me even more insight on what makes things work (or not work) at events.

As of a week or two ago, a decision was made to hold a small renaissance festival in the city of Hancock, Iowa. It started out as a "can we do this?" discussion and after a week of tossing ideas around, the city green lighted the project and gave us the park.

Fred, the businessman behind the project, has operated many street festivals so he knows everything there is to know about things like insurance, renting portapotties and advanced ticket sales. Leslie, the lawyer, is the main workhorse of the event as she makes contracts and generally takes care of all the organization inside the newly formed corporation. Lindsy (Willa) is going to be using all her merchant contacts to get vendors to show up (a dozen signed up in the first few days) and I stepped in and claimed the entertainment budget to hire an assortment of acts -- enough to fill two stages and then some with continual entertainment.

Things have fallen remarkably into place, which is great. The initial comments were "can you do it on such short notice?" and the answer seems to be YES. Easily. After all, only nuts like us plan our festival visits a year in advance. Common folks don't often plan more than a month or two ahead for a weekend outing, and we have had more time than that to get this event rolling.

So, the Nishna River Renaissance Faire has gone from an idea to a real project very quickly and I am glad to be involved. It's an excuse for me to book all the local acts (who were willing to come down and work for insanely low wages!) and have a big two day party. The Washer Well Wenches will be there (we were signed up last) so we invite everyone who is within easy driving distance to make plans to visit Hancock, Iowa (30 miles East of Council Bluffs) during the weekend of October 19-20, 2002.

See you there! -- JohnPaul

Wenches in West Iowa? [Tue, 6 Aug 2002 | 8:28 PM]
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8:28 PM - Wenches in West Iowa? - The wenches have given verbal agreement to appearing at the new Nishna River Renaissance Faire this October 19-20, 2002 in Hancock, Iowa. Click on the event name (above) to check out their official website. We hope you can come out and help keep the "ladies" warm! -- JohnPaul

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