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Journal Entries from March 2002:
Back to the Well [Sun, 31 Mar 2002 | 2:15 PM]
Sheila icon

2:15 PM - Back to the Well - We have a rehersal coming up this April 6/7. The girls actually expect me to work. Oh well it's for a greater good plus I get to wear my new bodice soon! -- Sheila

Tour Schedule updated... [Mon, 18 Mar 2002 | 8:04 PM]
Appearances icon

8:04 PM - Tour Schedule updated... - I have updated our Tour Schedule page (see the link on the left of every page... It's over there <--- somewhere) to reflect our latest confirmed appearances for 2002. If you want to be notified by e-mail when we make a significant announcement (or change to the website), please sign up to TheWashLine, our e-mail newsletter. (You can see the link at the bottom of the main index page. If you are on the main index page, then the signup thing is somewhere down here VVV.) -- JohnPaul

What a busy week... [Sat, 16 Mar 2002 | 4:49 PM]
JohnPaul icon

4:49 PM - What a busy week... - Well, let's see. This past weekend the wenches got together for another rehearsal session. It was quite productive. We worked through the "other two" skits enough to know that we should be able to have three new shows for this season. We also took some new fun photos while will appear on this site in the "near future" (whenever that is). I guess what I'm saying is ... I have alot of work to do. -- JohnPaul

Appearances icon

4:44 PM - Wenches in St. Louis? - We have a verbal acceptance from the St. Louis Renaissance Festival. Contract details have yet to be worked out, but considering they are already mentioning us in their press release I think it's safe to assume we'll be there ready to dish the dirt down in Wentzville, MO this May. Our tour schedule page continues to be updated when we get new confirmations or rejections ;-) Speaking of rejections, we will not be at the Council Bluffs Faire of the Midlands this year. We received a form letter from them this past week. (Check AtTheFaire.com for the latest rumors about the fate of this event -- it may be under new ownership at a new location and time next year.) -- JohnPaul

[Tue, 5 Mar 2002 | 3:56 AM]
Keirra icon

3:56 AM - - Keirra here, just saying hello to everyone. Its been a busy winter but through the sickness and the snow we have managed to get the wenches together for a evening of creativity and fun. New shows, new hair, and plenty of new laughs. I don't mean to spread rumors, but I think this year already has new jokes that are just for our devoted fans. By the way who ever started that wonderful website dedicated just to me, thanks, I absolutely love it. I love the huge picture of me on the sreen of the computer, no wait, hang on ...... This isn't a website for me its just my picture taped to the front of the computer. JOHN PAUL, MOE, BABUS!! WHEN I FIND OUT WHO DID THIS AGAIN, I GOING TO BEAT YOU!!! -- Keirra

Appearances icon

3:16 AM - First confirmed public appearance for 2002! - We have received a letter of acceptance from the new Siouxland Renaissance Festival in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The contract has not arrived yet so it's not quite set in stone, but I thought I'd share the news with everyone anyway. Huzzah to the Siouxland Renaissance Association for having the guts to bring three energetic wenches into their village! Be sure to visit our Tour Schedule page for the latest updates and changes to where we think we will end up this year... -- JohnPaul

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