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Journal Entries from February 2003:
Meanwhile, four months later... [Thu, 6 Feb 2003 | 11:48 PM]
JohnPaul icon

11:48 PM - Meanwhile, four months later... - A bit late as usual, but oh well. It is now 2003 and about the time that we start getting together to work on script ideas for the new season. We haven't actually done this, of course, because Jennifer (Keirra) is due to give birth to a new child "any day now" which would make things impractical, at best, and messy, at worse.

So, instead, we all are enjoying our mild (so far) winter and the silence of ... silence. Our private mailing list occassionally has a rambling from one of us, but otherwise we've all been keeping to ourselves for the most part. Eventually the silence gets broken and we don't have a moment to rest until late Fall. Like most things, we miss the silence when it is gone, and miss all the action when there is silence. Look at that green grass over there.

There are a few remaining script ideas from the original season that we have never quite worked out, so I am sure at least one of those will resurface for 2003. I am personally fond of the idea of putting together an episode called "Pilot" that explains how the Washer Well Wenches came to be. Every show has a pilot episode, after all. Another fun (and often done) concept would be a fairy tale of some kind, narrated by yours truly. This would prevent me from having lines to forget and queues to miss since I could just read things out of the storybook while the girls act it out behind me. Yes, I very much like that idea.

Even with things being calm and quiet, I notice we still have a dozen or so visitors every day here to the well, checking out various pages for updates. Sorry about the lack of updates. I really liked my previous musing about Nishna so I wanted to leave it there as soon as possible. (Nishna has a slightly updated website, by the way, with more coming soonly... http://nishnariverrenfaire.com )

What else?

I think that's about it. As the real world sits on the brink of another conflict, and our astronauts are remembered, it seems going to a festival is the last thing on many people's minds. This will pass, and soon we'll all be ready to shout "Huzzah!" and lose ourselves in a fantasy world created specifically to let us escape the humdrum activities of so called "real life."

Until then, I'll be loitering around the well waiting to see what kind of child Keirra has this time... -- JohnPaul

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