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Journal Entries from February 2002:
Is it fixed now? How 'bout now? [Thu, 28 Feb 2002 | 11:40 PM]
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11:40 PM - Is it fixed now? How 'bout now? - I've made some changes to our site template -- Windows Internet Explorer users: does it work better now? Everyone else: did I break anything for you? Please let me know. If this works, I'll do a few more things to "fix it right". -- JohnPaul

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11:55 AM - Web site "problems" on PC/Internet Explorer. - A few visitors have reported that text gets cut off on the right side of the screen. After learning more about the systems that experience this problem I discovered it appears to be a bug in Microsoft's Internet Explorer for Windows. Ironically, the Macintosh version of Internet Explorer works fine. (Other browsers such as Netscape and OmniWeb also work fine.) To work around this issue, I will be making a few minor changes to the pages soon. (Part of the reason the pages are designed like they are is to work around another I.E. bug dealing with tables and background patterns.) Fun at the well... -- JohnPaul

The weekend [Wed, 27 Feb 2002 | 9:47 PM]
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9:47 PM - The weekend - It was wonderful to see the girls again, oh and John Paul too! I got to do my favorive thing, POSE!!!! I think they turned out great and we actually got work done too. You will all love our new shows!!! See you soon!! -- Sheila

What a wonderful weekend! [Sun, 24 Feb 2002 | 5:57 PM]
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5:57 PM - What a wonderful weekend! - Our good friend Bill (the retired "Marco the Magnificent") dropped by to visit with us on Saturday morning and then Sheila arrived in the afternoon. We all went out to lunch at AK O Conner's (an Irish pub) and then had ice cream at the classic soda fountain in Valley Junction. A few hours later Keirra and her husband arrived -- she wasn't expected to be able to attend due to her daughter being sick, but she worked it out so we could all get together for rehearsal.

We spent the last few daylight hours at a nearby park taking promotional photos of everyone including a whole series of "fun" shots around some playground equipment. After this we went back to our house and ate pizza and consumed adult beverages. The drinks helped us crank out and walk through our first new show for 2002: "The Ring".

Sunday morning we all had breakfast at Old County Buffet (mmmm, biscuits...) and then Keirra and her hubby had to get back to their daughter. Willa, Sheila and myself worked through the other two stories and then had a farewell coffee at Starry Night Coffee House.

A great weekend. A productive weekend. And I got to see Sheila's bloomers... -- JohnPaul

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3:24 PM - New 2002 promo photos, coming soon. - We've spent this weekend taking new promo photos and working on new shows for 2002. We hope to have the pictures available in the Portrait Galleries in the near future. As for the shows, you'll have to wait until our first festival to see them, though some rehearsal outtake movies might soon appear on this site... As long as the girls don't stop me, that is. -- JohnPaul

Clothing makes the Rogue... [Thu, 21 Feb 2002 | 3:08 AM]
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3:08 AM - Clothing makes the Rogue... - I just found out my new wardrobe is ready. I'll get to check it out this weekend when all the wenches get together for rehearsals and promo shots. :-) I can't wait! -- JohnPaul

Hello all [Sun, 17 Feb 2002 | 4:08 PM]
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4:08 PM - Hello all - Glad to see my loyal fans here. We are getting ready for a new season. You can all look forward to new shows and my new bodice. =) -- Sheila

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4:06 PM - test - I now need this to go to my page. We'll get there. -- Sheila

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4:04 PM - testing - I am testing out my new journal. I hope you all enjoy my thoughts. -- Sheila

Our plans to take over the world... [Fri, 15 Feb 2002 | 1:48 PM]
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1:48 PM - Our plans to take over the world... - So far we have submitted appearance proposals to: Salisbury Faire (Des Moines, IA), My Waterloo Days Renaissance Festival (Waterloo, IA), Renaissance Faire of the Midlands (Council Bluffs, IA), Siouxland Renaissance Festival (Sioux Falls, SD), Kansas City Renaissance Festival (Bonner Springs, KS), and the St. Louis Renaissance Festival (Wentzville, MO). Our Guttenberg printer has been working overtime, and there is more to do. We also plan to send proposals to the Texas Renaissance Festival and Scarborough Faire. Wish us luck! If you know of an event that needs the Washer Well Wenches, let us know! -- JohnPaul

Happy Valentines day from the wWw! [Thu, 14 Feb 2002 | 1:00 AM]
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1:00 AM - Happy Valentines day from the wWw! - The Washer Well Wenches (and John-Paul) wish you and your loved one(s) a very Happy Valentines Day. May your bond be strong enough to prevent a wench or a rogue from stealing them away . . . Why not test that now and send your loved one(s) to this site to look at our photo galleries? -- JohnPaul

Willa's Wenches on eBay [Wed, 13 Feb 2002 | 11:02 PM]
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11:02 PM - Willa's Wenches on eBay - During the off season, when laundry is pretty slow, I sculpt to keep my fingers busy doing something that won't get me into too much trouble.

I currently have three pieces up on eBay, and you can see them on WillasWenches.com.

Enjoy! -- Willa

Please sign our guestbook. [Tue, 12 Feb 2002 | 2:21 AM]
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2:21 AM - Please sign our guestbook. - While you are checking out the new site, please take a moment to sign our guestbook. The more you sign, the happier the wenches will be and you know how important it is to keep women happy :-) -- JohnPaul

Winter at the well... [Fri, 8 Feb 2002 | 11:55 AM]
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11:55 AM - Winter at the well... - As most of you know, it's very difficult to wash laundry in the winter time. So how do we do it? It's an amazing thing. We've found that if you go to certain buildings that say the word "Vacancy" in bright lights, you might find a washer well indoors! And, oddly, the water inside the well is extremely warm and bubbly. We've even found that our whites come out a lot whiter when we wash there. They also normally have a huge well that could easily hold all of the laundry for at least 5 entire villages, but the water is a lot colder, and people normally are found floating around in the well, which makes us question the cleanliness of the water... -- Willa

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3:35 AM - wWw 2K2 now open! - The 2002 edition of the Washer Well Wenches website is now open. The site has been completely redesigned and several new features have been added. You will also notice that you can now reach us by typing www.washerwellwenches.com. The old address will continue to work, however, since we distributed it on hundreds of business cards this past festival season.

There are still parts of the site that need to be completed. The Portrait Gallery is not done yet (except for a few test sections) so don't worry if your favorite wench doesn't have her pictures up yet. Just wait. They'll be there soon. (Please do let us know if you find any broken links. Not everything is here, but everything that is here should at least load...)

You will also notice that the wWw have a new troupe member: John-Paul! He was always hanging around the shows anyway, and did most of the introductions, so the wenches have decided to make him an official part of the act for this season. (We'll see if they let him come back next year!)

Until the next update... This is your friendly website administrator saying: Have fun, and see how many of the "secret" pages you can discover... -- Admin

I'm lonely... [Wed, 6 Feb 2002 | 8:33 PM]
Moe icon

8:33 PM - I'm lonely... - Hi there. My name is Moe and I help out around the well (when the girls let me). I've been a big fan of theirs for a really long time. Before the wWw came into my life, I spent most of my time being alone. Now I have three of the best friends ever! (Four if you include the John-Paul guy, but I don't think he likes me very much.) Thanks for visiting my page. It's always nice to have company. -- Moe

Willa icon

8:30 PM - Willa isn't here yet. - Hi. I'm Moe. I help out around the well (when the girls let me). I just wanted to drop by and let you know that Willa will be joining us shortly. In the meantime, feel free to explore her corner of the wash line. If you have to leave before she returns, be sure to leave a note or something. She loves attention. -- Moe

Sheila icon

8:29 PM - Sheila isn't here yet. - Hi. I'm Moe. I help out around the well (when the girls let me). I just wanted to drop by and let you know that Sheila will be joining us shortly. In the meantime, feel free to explore her corner of the wash line. If you have to leave before she returns, be sure to leave a note or something. She loves attention. -- Moe

Keirra icon

8:29 PM - Keirra isn't here yet. - Hi. I'm Moe. I help out around the well (when the girls let me). I just wanted to drop by and let you know that Kierra will be joining us shortly. In the meantime, feel free to explore her corner of the wash line. If you have to leave before she returns, be sure to leave a note or something. She loves attention. It's awfully lonely here without her. -- Moe

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3:47 PM - Danger. Well being dug. - Welcome to the new 2002 edition of the Washer Well Wenches web site! We are still straightening out the washline so don't be too surprised if you find things that don't work like they are supposed to -- like the wenches... Please take a look around and let us know what you think! -- Admin

JohnPaul icon

2:39 PM - Welcome to JP's Place! - Good day! You have reached the virtual home of John-Paul. I am looking forward to a great 2002 season with the Washer Well Wenches. We have some fun things planned and hope to see you at a show sometime this festival season. Enjoy our stay here at the Wash Line, and be sure to send your friends my way (especially if they are female and at least 18...). -- JohnPaul

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3:33 AM - Test Moe item. - And here is a posting just for our friend Moe... -- Admin

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3:10 AM - Test Willa item. - This posting would appear on Willa's page. -- Admin

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3:09 AM - Test Sheila item. - This posting would appear on Sheila's page. -- Admin

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3:09 AM - Test Keirra item. - This posting would appear on Keirra's page. -- Admin

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3:09 AM - Test John-Paul item. - This posting would appear on John-Paul's page. -- Admin

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2:41 AM - This is another test. Did I pass? - Hello and welcome to the all new Washer Well Wenches web site! I hope it is as spiffy to you as it is to us. We've spent literally minutes making it and we hope you spend at least that much time enjoying it. (Well, okay... I know you really just came here to look at the pictures of the wenches. So be it...) -- Admin

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3:35 AM - Testing! - *taps the mic* Oh wait...there are no mics. -- Admin

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