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Mistress Willa's Vital Stats

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Here are the answers Mistress Willa provided in her interview in the Washer Women issue of Playwench.

Nekkid Willa

Name: Wilhelmina Wendeline Wylie ... but you can call me Willa.
Title: Head Wench, owner of the well.
Bodice size: You'd have to ask The Scots Dragon because that's where I get all my bodices.
Height: 5'10"
Hair colour: Red.
Eye colour: Like any of you know that I even have eyeballs! They're green, for the record.
Birthplace: England. I was born in a pub and I shall die in a pub!
Hobbies: Reading the romantic poetry of Bill Wigglestaff (who is ever-so-much more entertaining than that Shakespeare bloke), waiting for JP to sweep me off my feet, and harmlessly flirting with every other male (especially kilted ones) who cross my path in the meantime.
Turn-ons: Romantic gestures, flowery words and general wooing techniques....oh and kilts. Kilts should count three or four times in this list.
Turn-offs: Men who don't wear kilts.
Things you like to do when not at the well: Curl up with a warm, clean blanket and a romantic book of poetry after making sure that my windows are securely locked.
Favourite drink: Lover's wine.
Favourite food: Pickles...
Favourite colour: Orange.
Favourite flower: The orange rose of lust!
Favourite song: A Healt to the Company and All For Me Grog.
Favourite sport: Is wench pressing considered a sport? How about wubbies?
How'd you get to be at the well?: I started out working at my father's pub, The Spider's Web, but I became so popular (might I say I was known world-wide at the Web?) that my Mum decided she needed to get me out of there while I still had a decent reputation. So, the relocated me to their other business...the well. And when my father passed away, the business got passed along to me.
Quote: "Yes, they are real...and no, they're not going to pop out."

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