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News Archive from June 2002:
Happy birthday, Goat Girl! [Thu, 27 Jun 2002 | 1:09 PM]
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1:09 PM - Happy birthday, Goat Girl! - Happy birthday to Mistress Sheila, the goat herder's daughter! -- JohnPaul

Special thanks to... [Wed, 26 Jun 2002 | 9:52 AM]
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9:52 AM - Special thanks to... - A quick thanks to Jesus R. for letting us use a photo he took of us at the Greater St. Louis Renaissance Faire earlier this year. It now appears on our opening page splash screen welcoming visitors to this site. Thanks, J! He sent us some other photos from the recent A Renaissance Affaire in Osecola, Iowa, including one of John-Paul getting full-on kisses by the Pickle Fool (who was briefly playing the part of Mistress Sheila). Don't ask. JP won't tell... -- JohnPaul

Back from Siouxland... Next stop: Osceola, Iowa! [Tue, 11 Jun 2002 | 2:08 PM]
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2:08 PM - Back from Siouxland... Next stop: Osceola, Iowa! - The Washer Well Wenches drew stunning crowds this past weekend at the Siouxland Renaissance Festival. A big thanks goes out to all the members of the Siouxland Renaissance Association for treating the wenches like royalty. They sure put on a great show, and know how to take care of their merchants and entertainers. We hope to be invited back next year!

The girls are now taking a much deserved break after logging many thousands of miles of travel in the past five weeks. Mistress Willa and myself (John-Paul) will be on vacation this weekend at the final Renaissance Faire of the Midlands (Council Bluffs, IA) but the group itself won't be appearing on stage until the weekend of June 22-23rd at the 2nd annual A Renaissance Affaire (Osceola, IA just south of Des Moines). Please come out and see us if you can! We appreciate all the support this season! -- JohnPaul

Ah, success! [Thu, 6 Jun 2002 | 11:19 PM]
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11:19 PM - Ah, success! - I know my girls have made it! Today we received this e-mail:

Do you do bachelor parties?

I already have a goat and 3 clowns, but I really need
some wenches. Also, do you happen to know anyone with
a 300 gallon Jell-o mold?


Can this guy smell talent (or something resembling it) or what? Thanks, that was one of the best things we've ever been sent! Ironically, we did use our prop well for making Jell-O last year. Mmmm. Jell-O. Unfortunately, Sheila's goat got into it before we could do anything really interesting with it. Be warned about having your goat around... -- JohnPaul

Waterloo down. Siouxland next. [Mon, 3 Jun 2002 | 1:58 PM]
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1:58 PM - Waterloo down. Siouxland next. - The 21st annual My Waterloo Days Renaissance Faire has come to a close. The wWw did laundry six times over the weekend including a few times to standing room only crowds. (They were originally just going to give us 12 benches, but for some reason we got left with almost three times that many... Thanks, whoever didn't get their benches...!) It was far too hot on Saturday, and then far too cold and wet on Sunday (now we have to do laundry all over again) but we had a swell time. More news later.

Next stop: The first ever Siouxland Renaissance Faire in Sioux Falls, South Dakota! -- JohnPaul

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