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News Archive from April 2002:
Some help from our fans? [Mon, 22 Apr 2002 | 7:17 PM]
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7:17 PM - Some help from our fans? - I've been working on spiffing up our scripts this week and came across something I could use some help on. I thought it might be really neat for some of our fans to be able to help with a skit and maybe hear their own line in our show!

So here's the thing. There's a point in our new show, The Ring wherein Keirra asks, "Sheila, are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

Of course, we all know that Sheila is a dolt. (Sheila, sweetie, I say that in the nicest way possible...) However, we want Sheila to then spout off some random, insanely intelligent fact. The one she seems to like the most is, "The sun is a mass of incandescent gas?"

So help us out. What's something non-Sheila-like that she can say when Keirra asks that question? -- Willa

Mistress Sheila speaks... [Thu, 18 Apr 2002 | 2:44 AM]
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2:44 AM - Mistress Sheila speaks... - The goat herder's daughter has finally updated her vital stats. Drop by her section and check out what she had to say to Playwench Magazine in a recent interview... -- JohnPaul

The contract is in the mail... [Sun, 14 Apr 2002 | 10:30 PM]
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10:30 PM - The contract is in the mail... - Today we read, signed and mailed out our contracts for Salisbury Faire and Siouxland Renaissance Festival. In addition to this exciting paperwork, we also assembled for a dress rehearsal of all three new shows. In the sun. With the wind. In many ways, it was almost like being at a real renaissance festival (except no one tipped).

The shows are all new for 2002 (though one was originally written last year) but we've added some special things just for our biggest fans. To the rest of you, it's an inside joke... -- JohnPaul

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10:03 AM - Second contract received! - The wonderful Salisbury Faire in Des Moines has accepted the Washer Well Wenches for their 2002 event. The contract is here so we'll review it later today (Sunday) during our rehearsal.

In other news, we have been contacted by a production company who is interested in booking us at an event outside of St. Louis which runs in September and October. We'll pass along more information as soon as we can. -- JohnPaul

First contract received! [Wed, 10 Apr 2002 | 2:05 AM]
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2:05 AM - First contract received! - A manager-rogue's work is never done. We have received our first contract of the season. Out of all the events we've talked to, the new kid on the block (Siouxland Renaissance Festival) is the first to get us the paperwork! Do they have their act together or what? This weekend we'll be getting together for another rehearsal and review the contract and hopefully have it signed and sent back on its way.

After that we have to contact St. Louis -- apparently they have our contract ready so we need to get it and look it over. If anyone out there has any stories to tell about any of the events we are planning to perform at, please share them with us. We'd like to hear good and bad (especially if there are bad things we might need to know about). -- JohnPaul

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